Page updated: 16/04/2005
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APT repository for glite-WMS with versions ≥ 2.3.19-0 and glite-WMSLB with versions  ≥ 2.4.6-0 

Standard APT repository setup

The instructions for the standard APT repository setup can be found here.

Additional setup for the glite-WMS with versions ≥ 2.3.19-0 glite-WMSLB with versions  ≥ 2.4.6-0 

glite-WMS with versions  ≥ 2.3.19 and glite-WMSLB with versions  ≥ 2.4.6-0 are using a newer version of condor (6.7.19) than the rest of the gLite software stack. In order to install these glite-WMS or glite-WMSLB metapackages, you need to add another APT repository that is serving the newer version of condor by adding the following string to your APT repository setup:

rpm rhel30 externals.condor


Should you encounter problems - please direct them to: The APT HOWTO could be found on the Debian site or directly here.