Page updated: 21/03/2007
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gLite 3.0

gLite Berkley Database Information Index (BDII)


The Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII) consists of two or more standard LDAP databases that are populated by an update process. Port forwarding is used to enable one database to serve data while the other is refreshing. The update process obtains LDIF from either doing an ldapsearch on LDAP URLs or by running a local script that generates LDIF. The LDIF is then inserted into the LDAP database. Options exist to update the the list of LDAP URLs from a web page and to use an LDIF file from a web page to modify the data before inserting it into the database.


Information System

BDII general documentation

Generic Info Provider (GIP)

The common gLite documentation can be found here.

Known Issues

Please pay attention to the known issues.


Installation via apt
The apt-module name is glite-BDII.

More information about the apt installation can be found here.
Installation via individual RPMs
For the list of RPMs needed to install, please see individual version below.


Version Date Priority Update details List of RPMs
3.0.8-0 14.01.08 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.7-0 31.10.07 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.6-0 28.08.07 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.5-0 20.08.07 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.2-12 27.06.07 High Details RPM list
3.0.2-11 20.06.07 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.2-10 14.05.07 High Details RPM list
3.0.2-9 30.04.07 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.2-8 23.04.07 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.2-7 16.04.07 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.2-6 02.04.07 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.2-5 13.03.07 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.2-3 06.03.07 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.2-2 19.12.06 High Details RPM list
3.0.2-1 11.10.06 Normal Details RPM list
3.0.2 21.08.06 normal Details RPM list
3.0.1 02.05.06   - RPM list