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gLite 3.0

glite-FTA_oracle - Update to version 3.0.11-0

Date 14.05.07
Priority High



Important note: FTA and FTS nodes have to be reconfigured with THE NEW CONFIGURATION TARGET FTA2 and FTS2

This is an early release of the new modular release series and it enables the new FTS and FTA configuration. The new configuration targets FTA2 and FTS2 have to be used. That is, yaim should be run with options -n FTS2 and/or -n FTA2.

Other new features of this update are the following:
  • In site-info.def the VOAGENT_PYTHON agent type should be replaced with VOAGENT. All the defined typdefault variables should be changed correspondingly.
  • Two new YAIM variables are introduced. They are not compulsory to be set and have default values as in the following:
    # The DPM db name. Default is dpm_db
    # The DPNS db name. Default is cns_db
    This is to allow the usage of the same remote DB server serving several DPM node.
Other important issues when upgrading glite-yaim are the following:
  • Important: apt-autoupdate not supported, i.e. do the upgrade and the reconfiguration in one process. As always, it is recommended to do a DB backup before the upgrade.
  • Important: After the reconfiguration, DPM will use BDII as information provider instead of MDS. Because of this, the connect string and the port number on the site-BDII has to be changed as follows:
    • from "mds-vo-name=local,o=grid"
      to "mds-vo-name=resource,o=grid"
    • and from 2135 to 2170 respectively.
    Reconfigure and restart your site-BDII.

    Note: As a side effect of this reconfiguration the lcg-cr command will not work if your LCG_GFAL_INFOSYS variable is pointing to the DPM's infosys instead of a top-level BDII. This is not a bug, just a consequence worth to mention.
FTS Update 2.0

Important note: The current WLCG planning foresees running version FTS 2.0 only at CERN-PROD for a few weeks. Tier-1 sites should remain at version 1.5 until contacted by FTS support.

For further information, please contact

The update of the FTS service (2.0) contains among other upgrades the following main features:
  • glite-data-srm-util-cpp:
    - added patterns for authorization error messages in srm1.1
    - removed unneeded properties in
  • glite-data-transfer-url-copy:
    - modified error handling in completeRequest/abortRequest operations
    - added logs for getfilesize operations
  • glite-data-transfer-agents:
    - set file finish time
    - fixed file reason class
    - fixed transfer order when evaluation the smarter retry
R-GMA client

This upgrade introduces new exceptions RGMABusyException and RGMANoWorkingReplicasException for R-GMA. These exceptions can be thrown in a future server versions of R-GMA and this update will enable rollout of clients that can handle this exception in readiness for a server update.

No action is required by users and the R-GMA clients will be working as before.

Please also have a look at the list of known issues.

Updated rpms

Name Version Full RPM name Description
CGSI_gSOAP_2.7 1.1.17-2 CGSI_gSOAP_2.7-1.1.17-2.i386.rpm GSI plugin for gSOAP
glite-data-agents-common 1.0.2-7 glite-data-agents-common-1.0.2-7.i386.rpm gLite Data Agents Common
glite-data-config-service 1.2.8-1 glite-data-config-service-1.2.8-1.i386.rpm GLite Data Config Service
glite-data-delegation-api-c 2.0.0-4 glite-data-delegation-api-c-2.0.0-4.i386.rpm gLite Data Delegation C/C++ API
glite-data-delegation-cli 2.0.0-2 glite-data-delegation-cli-2.0.0-2.i386.rpm Data Delegation CLI
glite-data-srm2-api-c 2.2.0-2 glite-data-srm2-api-c-2.2.0-2.i386.rpm gLite Data SRM V2 C/C++ API
glite-data-srm-api-c 1.1.0-7 glite-data-srm-api-c-1.1.0-7.i386.rpm gLite Data SRM C/C++ API
glite-data-srm-cli 1.2.8-3 glite-data-srm-cli-1.2.8-3.i386.rpm Data SRM CLI
glite-data-srm-util-cpp 1.0.1-4 glite-data-srm-util-cpp-1.0.1-4.i386.rpm gLite Data SRM Util CPP
glite-data-transfer-agents 3.0.2-2 glite-data-transfer-agents-3.0.2-2.i386.rpm gLite Data Transfer Agents
glite-data-transfer-api-c 3.3.0-4 glite-data-transfer-api-c-3.3.0-4.i386.rpm GLite Data Transfer C/C++ API
glite-data-transfer-cli 3.4.0-4 glite-data-transfer-cli-3.4.0-4.i386.rpm Data Transfer CLI
glite-data-transfer-proxyrenewal 1.0.0-4 glite-data-transfer-proxyrenewal-1.0.0-4.i386.rpm gLite Data Transfer ProxyRenewal
glite-data-transfer-scripts 0.1.5-1 glite-data-transfer-scripts-0.1.5-1.noarch.rpm gLite File Transfer Service (FTS) scripts
glite-data-transfer-url-copy 2.0.0-10 glite-data-transfer-url-copy-2.0.0-10.i386.rpm gLite Data Transfer URL Copy
glite-FTA 2.2.5-0 glite-FTA-2.2.5-0.noarch.rpm gLite File Transfer Agents configuration files
glite-FTA_oracle 3.0.11-0 glite-FTA_oracle-3.0.11-0.noarch.rpm gLite FTA Oracle node
glite-rgma-api-c 5.0.10-1 glite-rgma-api-c-5.0.10-1.i386.rpm C API for R-GMA
glite-rgma-api-cpp 5.0.15-1 glite-rgma-api-cpp-5.0.15-1.i386.rpm C++ API for R-GMA
glite-rgma-api-java 5.0.5-1 glite-rgma-api-java-5.0.5-1.noarch.rpm Java API for R-GMA
glite-rgma-stubs-servlet-java 5.0.9-1 glite-rgma-stubs-servlet-java-5.0.9-1.noarch.rpm Java client implementation stubs for R-GMA
glite-yaim 3.0.1-15 glite-yaim-3.0.1-15.noarch.rpm glite-yaim

The RPMs can be updated using apt via

Service reconfiguration after update

Service must be reconfigured.

Service restart after update

Service must be restarted.

How to apply the fix

  1. Update the RPMs (see above)
  2. Update configuration (see above)
  3. Restart the service if necessary (see above)