Page updated: 21/03/2007
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gLite 3.0

glite-LB - Update to version 2.2.7-0

Date 22.01.07
Priority Normal



This update fixes various bugs. For the full list of bugs, please see list below.

edg-mkgridmap not robust against xml parsing errors.

  • We now specify ISO-8859-1 as the character encoding, such that the XML parser will not bomb out on finding a character with the high bit set.
  • Added "--cache" option for VDT, which causes the grid-mapfile to be treated as a cache, i.e. it is only rewritten when the contents change. The example edg-mkgridmap.conf file (overwritten by YAIM) has these changes.
  • Removed references to - added new sources for "lhcbsgm" and "lhcbprd"
  • Get "atlas" users from root group instead of "lcg1" subgroup.


  • restart server slave also on fatal error when establishing new connection lb-common
  • edg_wll_NotifIdDup() function necessary for fix of #18879


  • reload credentials on every new connection
  • restart slave on the false "expired certificate" condition
  • avoid double-free (bug #18879)


  • remove stale .ctl files (bug #16051)
  • automatic quarantine for corrupted files
  • sufficient buffer for long error messages
  • default spool file prefix in /var/tmp (bug #18996)
  • optimizations in IL-server connection management (don't close imediatelly, fast re-connect on server slave preemption)
  • reload credentials unconditionally once per minute


  • default spool file prefix synchronized with interlogger security-gsoap_plugin:
  • retry connecting transparently on the false "expired certificate" failure


  • Gin, service-tool and standard-tables do not need to be restarted
  • Any user code that uses the rgma python api needs to be restarted such as the job status raw and gridftp logfile parsers.
  • All rgma services will need to be restarted to pick up the new file permissions (not world writable) - service-tool, flexible-archiver, publish-site, gin, glue-archiver(specific archiver configuration for glue)
Number Description
 #18879 Double free error in notification handling
 #18996 logd files should not be stored in /tmp by default
 #19765 edg-mkgridmap ignores X509_USER_CERT env veriables when run as non-root
 #21932 edg-mkgridmap not robust against xml parsing errors
 #22389 LB daemons stuck with false "certificate expired" error

Updated rpms

Name Version Full RPM name Description
edg-mkgridmap 2.7.0-1_sl3 edg-mkgridmap-2.7.0-1_sl3.noarch.rpm A tool to build the grid-mapfile
glite-LB 2.2.7-0 glite-LB-2.2.7-0.noarch.rpm gLite Logging and Bookkeeping node configuration files
glite-lb-common 3.0.6-1 glite-lb-common-3.0.6-1.i386.rpm L&B common subroutines library
glite-lb-logger 1.2.3-1 glite-lb-logger-1.2.3-1.i386.rpm L&B local logger
glite-lb-server 1.3.9-1 glite-lb-server-1.3.9-1.i386.rpm L&B bookkeeping server
glite-lb-server-bones 2.1.5-1 glite-lb-server-bones-2.1.5-1.i386.rpm L&B server bones
glite-rgma-base 5.0.7-1 glite-rgma-base-5.0.7-1.noarch.rpm R-GMA basic configuration and documentation
glite-rgma-servicetool 5.0.4-1 glite-rgma-servicetool-5.0.4-1.noarch.rpm R-GMA service tool
glite-security-gsoap-plugin 1.2.5-0 glite-security-gsoap-plugin-1.2.5-0.i386.rpm gSOAP plugin and gss libraries

The RPMs can be updated using apt via

Service reconfiguration after update

Not needed.

Service restart after update

Service must be restarted.

How to apply the fix

  1. Update the RPMs (see above)
  2. Update configuration (see above)
  3. Restart the service if necessary (see above)