Page updated: 06/09/2004
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gLite 3.0

glite-UI - Update to version 3.0.28-0

Date 28.11.07
Priority High


Updated Torque and Maui

It is expected that this torque (2.1.9-4) will work with the previous EGEE released version (2.1.6-1cri_sl3_2st) if it is convenient to be deployed or installed in a mixed version mode of pbs_server, pbs_mom or client commands.

The new version of Maui (3.2.6p19-4) is built with a shared key across all the architectures. This was not previously the case and all builds had their own random key. Subsequently a 32bit build of maui-client will now talk to a 64bit build of maui-server.

After install, please verify that pbs_server, pbs_mom and maui have been restarted everywhere. For the pbs_mom restarts the momctl utility in the torque-server rpm can be utilized.

Workaround required: /var/spool/maui/maui.cfg permissions should be 0644.

Along with patch #1384 (already in production), this release completes the fix for the following advisory;

FTS Cancellation

This release contains fixes (see bugs #29390, #29226, #28583) and updates (for example, MaxFilesToCancel configuration parameter added for channel actions) for the FTS cancellation method.

Please also have a look at the list of known issues.

This update fixes various bugs. For the full list of bugs, please see list below.

Fixed bugs

Number Description
 #25142 maui-private.cfg
 #28583 srmcopy transfers do not create target directory
 #29226 FTS 2.0: slow job cancelation
 #29716 There is a possible vulnerability in pbs-mom
 #29780 Maui Fairshare does not work with group and %fairshare.

Updated rpms

Name Version Full RPM name Description
glite-data-transfer-url-copy 2.0.1-6 glite-data-transfer-url-copy-2.0.1-6.i386.rpm gLite Data Transfer URL Copy
glite-UI 3.0.28-0 glite-UI-3.0.28-0.noarch.rpm gLite User Interface
torque 2.1.9-4cri.slc3 torque-2.1.9-4cri.slc3.i386.rpm Tera-scale Open-source Resource and QUEue manager

The RPMs can be updated using apt via

Service reconfiguration after update

Not needed.

Service restart after update

Not needed.

How to apply the fix

  1. Update the RPMs (see above)
  2. Update configuration (see above)
  3. Restart the service if necessary (see above)