Page updated: 06/08/2007
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gLite 3.0

gLite 3.0 standard Worker Node for SL4 nodes


The gLite Standard Worker Node is a set of clients required to run jobs sent by the gLite Computing Element via the Local Resource Management System.

This Worker Node comprises both the clients for LCG as well as for gLite.

This is the compatibility version to be installed on SL4 hosts. For the SL3 version of the Worker Node, please see here.

This metapackage is based on work from LIP.

This metapackage is no longer maintained. Please install the natively build SL(C) 4 version of the gLite Worker Node that can be found here.


Please see the common documentation page for the moment.

Known Issues

Please pay attention to the known issues.


Installation via apt
The apt-module name is glite-WN_sl4compat.

Please pay attention that you need to setup your apt/yum repository in a different way than for the rest of the gLite relase. Details can be found here.

You will need to install the j2sdk rpm yourself due to license restrictions.

Installation via individual RPMs
Installation via tarball
For the tarballs, please see individual version below. The user dependencies for the tarball contain the set of external dependencies needed to run the WN. Instructions for the installation can be found here.


Version Date Priority Update details List of RPMs Tarball User dependencies for tarball
3.0.21-0 15.05.07 Normal First release n.a. Tarball Tarball