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gLite 3.0

gLite only User Interface


This metapackage is no longer officially maintained. It has been replace by the metapackage glite-UI.


The gLite user Interface is a suite of clients and APIs that users and applications can use to access the gLite services from the gLite software stack only.


Please see the common documentation page.


Installation via apt
The apt-module name is glite-ui-config.

More information about the apt installation can be found here.
Installation via individual RPMs
For the list of RPMs needed to install, please see individual version below.


Version Date Priority Update details List of RPMs
1.3.22-4 14.11.06 Normal Details RPM list
1.3.22-3 24.10.06 Normal Details RPM list
1.3.22-2 17.10.06 High Details RPM list
1.3.22-1 11.10.06 Normal Details RPM list
1.3.22 20.09.06 normal Details RPM list
1.3.21 05.09.06 high Details RPM list
1.3.20 21.08.06 normal Details RPM list
1.3.17 02.05.06   - RPM list
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