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gLite 3.1

glite-MPI_utils - Update to version 3.1.10-0

Date 18.02.2010
Priority Normal


glite-AMGA_oracle, glite-AMGA_postgres, glite-BDII, glite-CONDOR_utils, glite-CREAM, glite-FTA_oracle, glite-FTM, glite-FTS_oracle, glite-HYDRA_mysql, glite-LB, glite-LFC_mysql, glite-LFC_oracle, glite-LSF_utils, glite-MON, glite-MPI_utils, glite-PX, glite-SCAS, glite-SE_dcache_admin_gdbm, glite-SE_dcache_admin_postgres, glite-SE_dcache_info, glite-SE_dcache_pool, glite-SE_dpm_disk, glite-SE_dpm_mysql, glite-SGE_utils, glite-TORQUE_client, glite-TORQUE_server, glite-TORQUE_utils, glite-UI, glite-VOBOX, glite-WMS, glite-WN, lcg-CE

New version of Yaim Core

New site-info variables
  • UNPRIVILEGED_GRIDMAPFILE per VO: This variable was before defined per site and now it can be configured per VO.
  • USER_HOME_PREFIX per VO: This variable was before defined per site and now it can be configured per VO.
  • EDG_HOME_DIR, EDGINFO_HOME_DIR and BDII_HOME_DIR: The home directories of system accounts can be now be configured. The suggestion is to define them as /var/lib/user_name but YAIM has left the default under /home.
  • GRIDFTP_CONNECTIONS_MAX: It has been increased from 50 to 150.
  • Variables that were wrongly implemented in previous yaim releases are now fixed: CONFIG_GRIDMAPDIR and USER_HOME_PREFIX.
New functions
  • config_myproxy_libs: new function to be able to configure the new myproxy server and clients.
  • New SAGA adapters: There's a new function called config_glite_saga that configures the SAGA gLite adapters.
  • Some libraries have been added to LD_LIBRARY_PATH and to be able to configure lcg CE and cream CE in SL5.
  • grid environment cleaning mechanism to be able to install different WN tarball versions in the same machine.
  • YAIM doesn't fail when gLite version package is not installed. This is useful for non gLite software using YAIM.
  • siteinfo packaging is now fixed (-p option).
This update fixes various bugs. For the full list of bugs, please see list below.

Fixed bugs

Number Description
 #46882 [ yaim-core ] introduce variable CONFIG_GRIDMAPDIR=yes/no (default yes)
 #49511 [ yaim-core ] UNPRIVILEGED_MKGRIDMAP per VO
 #49757 [ yaim-core ] Definition of home directories for glite users
 #49849 [ yaim-core ] yaim -p wrong path
 #49850 [ yaim-core ] central-certs doesn't use find command properly
 #50266 [ yaim-core ] Enhancement for user pool accounts home dirs
 #50878 [ yaim-core ] mkgridmap uses the wrong path for
 #51973 [ yaim-core ] YAIM should set LANG to C
 #52618 [ yaim-core ] host{cert,key}.pem in /home/glite
 #52809 [ yaim-core ] Increase the value of GRIDFTP_CONNECTIONS_MAX
 #53001 [ yaim-core ] Fix example for CE_CAPABILITY
 #53271 [ yaim-core ] yaim restarts bdii-update with incomplete configuration
 #53588 [yaim-core] Create gridenv_unset and gridpath_delete functions in
 #53662 [yaim-core] Changes in yaim bin and gridenv to support the creation of
 #53843 [ yaim-core ] config_mkgridmap always enables whole VO
 #54724 [ yaim-core ] config_vomsmap bug in CONFIG_GRIDMAPDIR usage

Updated rpms

Name Version Full RPM name Description
glite-MPI_utils 3.1.10-0 glite-MPI_utils-3.1.10-0.i386.rpm gLite metapackage (glite-MPI_utils)
glite-yaim-core 4.0.11-2 glite-yaim-core-4.0.11-2.noarch.rpm YAIM core package

The RPMs can be updated using yum via

Service reconfiguration after update

Not needed.

Service restart after update

Not needed.

How to apply the fix

  1. Update the RPMs (see above)
  2. Update configuration (see above)
  3. Restart the service if necessary (see above)