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gLite 3.1

glite-VOMS_mysql V. 3.1.3-0

RPM list in .txt format

Packages provided by gLite repository
Name Version Architecture Description
ZSI 2.0-1.py2.3 noarch zsi v. 2.0
bdii 3.9.1-4 noarch bdii
edg-mkgridmap 3.0.0-1 noarch A tool to build the grid-mapfile
edg-mkgridmap-conf 3.0.0-1 noarch edg-mkgridmap configuration files
fetch-crl 2.6.3-1 noarch Tool for periodic retrieval of Certificate Revocation Lists
glite-VOMS_mysql 3.1.3-0 noarch Metapackage for the glite-VOMS_mysql
glite-config 3.1.0-3.slc4 i386 Common gLite configuration files.
glite-info-generic 2.0.2-3 noarch glite-info-generic
glite-info-templates 1.0.0-8 noarch glite-info-templates
glite-security-trustmanager 1.8.11-1 noarch The java certificate path checkin for proxy certs in SSL with plugins for tomcat and axis.
glite-security-util-java 1.3.8-1 noarch The java utilities library for security
glite-security-utils-config 3.1.0-1.slc4 i386 gLite security configuration files.
glite-security-voms-admin-client 2.0.5-1 noarch gLite VOMS Admin service - client package
glite-security-voms-admin-interface 2.0.0-1 noarch gLite VOMS Admin service - wsdl interface package
glite-security-voms-admin-server 2.0.8-1 noarch gLite VOMS Admin service - server package
glite-security-voms-api-cpp 1.7.22-1.slc4 i386 v.
glite-security-voms-clients 1.7.22-1.slc4 i386 v. 1.7.22_1
glite-security-voms-config 1.7.22-1.slc4 i386 v.
glite-security-voms-mysql 1.1.5-1.slc4 i386
glite-security-voms-server 1.7.22-1.slc4 i386 v.
glite-version 3.1.0-1.slc4 i386 glite-version
glite-voms-server-config 3.1.0-3.slc4 i386 gLite VOMS server configuration files
glue-schema 1.3.0-3 noarch glue-schema
gpt VDT1.6.0x86_rhas_4-1 i386 The Grid Packaging Toolkit (GPT)
lcg-expiregridmapdir 2.0.0-1 noarch lcg-expiregridmapdir
lcg-info-templates 1.0.15-1 noarch lcg-info-templates
lcg-vomscerts 4.7.0-1 noarch lcg-vomscerts
vdt_globus_essentials VDT1.6.0x86_rhas_4-1 i386 Virtual Data Toolkit
xalan-c 1.10.0-1.slc4 i686 Xalan is an XSLT processor for transforming XML documents into HTML, text, or other XML document types.
xerces-c 2.7.0-1.slc4 i686 xerces-c v. 2.7.0 High performance, fully compliant XML parser.
Packages provided by Scientific Linux CERN (SLC) repository (not available in Scientific Linux repository)
Name Version Architecture
mysql 4.1.20-3.RHEL4.1.el4_6.1 i386
openldap 2.2.13-8.el4_6.2 i386
openldap-clients 2.2.13-8.el4_6.2 i386
openldap-servers 2.2.13-8.el4_6.2 i386
perl-Convert-ASN1 0.18-3 noarch
perl-DateManip 5.42a-3 noarch
perl-URI 1.30-4 noarch
perl-XML-Parser 2.34-5 i386
perl-libwww-perl 5.79-5 noarch
Packages provided by Jpackage repository
Name Version Architecture
bcel 5.2-3jpp noarch
ecj noarch
gnu-crypto-sasl-jdk1.4 2.1.0-2jpp noarch
jakarta-commons-beanutils 1.7.0-6jpp noarch
jakarta-commons-collections 3.2-2jpp noarch
jakarta-commons-collections-tomcat5 3.2-2jpp noarch
jakarta-commons-daemon 11.0.1-6jpp noarch
jakarta-commons-dbcp-tomcat5 1.2.2-1jpp noarch
jakarta-commons-digester 1.7-6jpp noarch
jakarta-commons-el 1.0-7jpp noarch
jakarta-commons-launcher 1.1-3jpp noarch
jakarta-commons-logging 1.1-4jpp noarch
jakarta-commons-modeler 2.0-4jpp noarch
jakarta-commons-pool-tomcat5 1.3-10jpp noarch
log4j 1.2.14-3jpp noarch
mx4j 3.0.1-7jpp noarch
regexp 1.4-3jpp noarch
saxon 6.5.3-5jpp noarch
sun-jaf 1.1-3jpp noarch
sun-mail 1.4-2jpp noarch
tomcat5 5.5.25-1jpp noarch
tomcat5-common-lib 5.5.25-1jpp noarch
tomcat5-jasper 5.5.25-1jpp noarch
tomcat5-jsp-2.0-api 5.5.25-1jpp noarch
tomcat5-server-lib 5.5.25-1jpp noarch
tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api 5.5.25-1jpp noarch
xerces-j2 2.9.0-2jpp noarch
xml-commons 1.3.03-11jpp noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.3-apis 1.3.03-11jpp noarch
xml-commons-resolver11 1.3.03-11jpp noarch
Packages provided by DAG repository
Name Version Architecture
log4cpp 1.0-1.el4.rf i386
perl-Crypt-SSLeay 0.57-1.el4.rf i386
perl-DBI 1.601-1.el4.rf i386
perl-HTML-Parser 3.56-1.el4.rf i386
perl-HTML-Tagset 3.10-1.el4.rf noarch
perl-IO-Socket-SSL 1.12-1.el4.rf noarch
perl-LDAP 0.34-1.el4.rf noarch
perl-Net-Daemon 0.43-1.el4.rf noarch
perl-Net-SSLeay 1.32-1.el4.rf i386
perl-PlRPC 0.2020-1.el4.rf noarch
perl-TermReadKey 2.30-1.el4.rf i386
perl-XML-DOM 1.44-2.el4.rf noarch
perl-XML-NamespaceSupport 1.09-1.2.el4.rf noarch
perl-XML-RegExp 0.03-1.2.el4.rf noarch
perl-XML-SAX 0.16-1.el4.rf noarch