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gLite 3.1

gLite WMS known issues

ICE persist directory has to be scratched

Tracked via None


Because of the different management of proxies in ICE, after updating it is highly recommended to drain the WMS and reset the ICE persist data. To do that:
  • Stop ICE: /opt/glite/etc/init.d/glite-wms-ice stop
  • rm -r $GLITE_LOCATION_VAR/ice/persist_dir
  • Restart ICE: /opt/glite/etc/init.d/glite-wms-ice start

mod_ssl timeout error

Tracked via Bug 48458


A buffering issue between mod_ssl and OpenSSL is causing SSL handshake timeout errors in a number of cases. The workaround is to install the dummy-ca-certs-20090630-1.noarch.rpm from the lcg-CA repository. For more details please check the LCG-2 CAs web page, mod_ssl timeout workaround section.

WMProxy logging default level

Tracked via Bug 53294


The WMProxy logging is fairly useless at its default level.

Known workaround

The admin may want to increase it from 5 to 6 in /opt/glite/etc/glite_wms.conf.

Pool accounts vs Static accounts

Tracked via Bug 36669


If the user proxy is mapped to a static account instead of a pool account, the job-list-match command would work, but the job-submit command would fail.

Known workaround

Only pool accounts should be used. As a configuration example, please have a look into the /opt/glite/yaim/examples/users.conf file provided by the glite-yaim-core package.

Modification of the terminal setting when the resource BDII is started

Tracked via Bug 36432


On a 3.1 WMS or LB node, the execution of the "/etc/init.d/gLite start" command that starts the resource BDII, modifies the terminal setting for the special character erase in the following way:
Before the execution: erase = ^?; After the execution: erase = ^H;

Known workaround

To restore it, execute: tset -e ^\?

Error after 1st installation

Tracked via Bug 43469


Error contacting WMPROXY daemon 1st time after installation.

Wrong logrotate

Tracked via Bug 45347


Many logfiles are not properly rotated/gzipped.

Broken glite-wms-check-daemons.cron

Tracked via Bug 46622


/etc/cron.d/glite-wms-check-daemons.cron is broken by design.

Extra configuration for some VOs

Tracked via None


Extra configuration is needed (special indexes) by certain Virtual Organizations, such as Atlas and CMS, on the LB and WMS services.

Known workaround

For more details, please see the following document:

YAIM Known issues

For an up to date documentation of WMS configuraton known issues, please check also the yaim wms section in the YAIM guide:

gLite wide known issues

Please also check the gLite general known issues page.