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gLite 3.2

glite-WN V. 3.2.1-0

Packages list in .txt format

Packages provided by gLite repository
Name Version Architecture Description
a1_grid_env 3.0.0-1 all a1_grid_env
c-ares 1.3.0-4 deb4_amd64 c-ares
cgsi_gsoap 1.3.3-1 deb4_amd64 cgsi_gsoap_2.7
classads 1.0.3-1 deb4_amd64 classads v. 1.0
cleanup-grid-accounts 1.0.2-1 all cleanup-grid-accounts
dcache-dcap 1.8.0-15p8 deb4_amd64 dCache Client
dcache-srmclient 1.8.0-15p8 all dCache Client
dpm-client 1.7.1-1 deb4_amd64 dpm-client
dpm-interfaces 1.7.1-1 deb4_amd64 dpm-interfaces
editline 2.9-1 deb4_amd64 Editline
fetch-crl 2.7.0-1 all fetch-crl
gfal-client 1.11.5-1 deb4_amd64
glite-amga-cli 1.9.0-2 deb_amd64 gLite AMGA CLI and C++ client API
glite-jobid-api-c 1.0.0-2 deb4_amd64 glite-jobid-api-c
glite-jobid-api-cpp 1.0.0-2 deb4_amd64 glite-jobid-api-cpp
glite-lb-client 4.0.1-1.sl5 deb4_amd64
glite-lb-common 7.0.1-1.sl5 deb4_amd64 This is a common module for the whole LB
glite-lbjp-common-trio 1.0.0-4 deb4_amd64 glite-lbjp-common-tri
glite-security-gss 2.0.0-3 deb4_amd64 glite-security-gss
glite-security-voms-api-c 1.8.12-1 deb4_amd64
glite-security-voms-api-cpp 1.8.12-1 deb4_amd64
glite-security-voms-api 1.8.12-1 deb4_amd64
glite-security-voms-clients 1.8.12-1 deb4_amd64
glite-version 3.2.0-0 deb4_amd64 glite-version
glite-wms-brokerinfo-access 3.2.2-1 deb4_amd64 Increased age after properties cleaning
glite-wms-utils-exception 3.2.1-1 deb4_amd64 org.glite.wms-utils.exception
glite-wms-utils-jobid 3.2.1-1 deb4_amd64 glite-wms-utils-jobid
glite-yaim-clients 4.0.8-6 deb4_amd64 UI, WN and VOBOX configuration
glite-yaim-core deb4_amd64 YAIM core package
gpt_3.2-1 3.2-1 deb4_amd64 gpt_3.2-1
gridsite-commands 1.5.10-1 deb4_amd64 gridsite-commands
gridsite-shared 1.5.10-1 deb4_amd64 gridsite-shared
lcg-info 1.11.4-1 all lcg-info
lcg-infosites 2.6.2-1 deb4_amd64 lcg-infosites
lcg-managevotag 2.0.6-1 deb4_amd64 lcg-ManageVOTag
lcg-sam-client 1.0.0-0 all SAM Client
lcg-sam-client-sensors 1.0.1-0 all SAM Client
lcg-sam-jobwrapper 1.0.0-0 all lcg-sam-jobwrapper
lcg-tags 0.2.3-1 all lcg-tags
lcg_util 1.7.4-1 deb4_amd64
lfc-client 1.7.1-1 amd64 Client side libraries for the LFC
lfc-interfaces 1.7.1-1 amd64 LCG File Catalog Interfaces
libdpm-dev 1.7.1-1 amd64 libdpm-dev
libdpm 1.7.1-1 amd64 libdpm
liblcg-dm-common 1.7.1-1 amd64 liblcg-dm-common
liblfc-dev 1.7.1-1 amd64 liblfc-dev
liblfc 1.7.1-1 amd64 liblfc
uberftp-client 1.27-1 deb4_amd64 Virtual Data Toolkit
vdt-globus-essentials 4.0.8_VDT1.10.1-3 deb4_amd64 Virtual Data Toolkit
vdt-globus-jobmanager-common 4.0.8_VDT1.10.1-3 deb4_amd64 Virtual Data Toolkit
vdt-globus-rm-essentials 4.0.8_VDT1.10.1-3 deb4_amd64 Virtual Data Toolkit
glite-WN 4.0.8_VDT1.10.1-3 deb4_amd64 Virtual Data Toolkit