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gLite 3.2

gLite Worker Node - Debian x86_64 platform

The gLite Standard Worker Node is a set of clients required to run jobs sent by the gLite Computing Element via the Local Resource Management System.

Please see the common documentation page.

Known Issues
Please pay attention to the known issues.

Supported platform
The gLite 3.2 WN is supported on For more details on the glite-WN in SL, please visit:
The gLite Worker Node is available in deb packages. The recommended installation is via the gLite Debian APT repository.

Debian Installation via APT
Add in the /etc/apt/sources.list the following line:

deb binary/

then run:

apt-get install glite-WN

In order to install the lcg CAs, please, download the tarball from:

wget -np -r -nd -l1 -A.tar.gz \

Install the tarball under /etc/grid-security/certificates (this directory has to be created manually)

Installation via individual Debian packages
For the list of Debian packages needed to install the Worker Node, please refer to the List of packages below.

Released Versions

Version Date Priority Update details List of Packages
3.2.1-0 16.06.2009 Normal Details Package list