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gLite 3.2

gLite CREAM known issues

/opt/edg/var/info/$VO is not created in CREAM 3.2 clean installations

Tracked via #69320


Due to a bug in yaim-core 4.0.12-1 in combination with lcg-info-dynamic-software 1.0.3-3, introduced in glite-CREAM since version 3.2.5-0, clean installations of glite-CREAM may fail to publish software tags. This is because yaim-core is no longer creating the directory /opt/edg/var/info/$VO, where $VO is the VOs supported by the CREAM CE. This is used by lcg-info-dynamic-software to publish software tags.

The workaround is to create these directories manually along with an empty .list file inside each for holding the tags. As the faulty yaim core does in fact create the directories, but in the wrong location, it is easiest to move the directories to the correct place:

mkdir -p /opt/edg/var/info
mv /opt/glite/var/info/<VO> /opt/edg/var/info

where <VO> is replaced by the name of each VO supported. The ownership and permissions will already be correct on the directories yaim has created, along with an empty .list file inside.

Do not move the directories named <subcluster> from /opt/glite/var/info.

Util-java namespace checking doesn't allow "emailAddress" rdn in the CA DN definition

Tracked via #67302


Bug #67302 in trustmanager affecting the CREAM CE 1.6 for gLite 3.2 (the one released with gLite 3.2 Update 12). The bug affects the users of the following CAs:

  • /C=AU/O=APACGrid
  • /C=IL/O=IUCC
  • /C=CN/O=HEP

The workaround is to modify the relevant /etc/grid-security/certificates/*.namespaces files:

  • /etc/grid-security/certificates/1e12d831.namespaces
  • /etc/grid-security/certificates/1e12d831.namespaces
  • /etc/grid-security/certificates/1e12d831.namespaces

changing /emailAddress= into /Email=

Installation known issue with Tomcat

Tracked via None


Due to a dependency problem within the Tomcat distribution in SL5, follow the installation steps explained below:

  • first install xml-commons-apis: yum install xml-commons-apis
  • then install CREAM yum install glite-CREAM

Other documentation

For an up to date documentation on CREAM known issues, please check also:
  • YAIM known issues page for the yaim cream ce, which is the module that configures the CREAM CE.

gLite wide known issues

Please also check the gLite wide known issues.