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gLite 3.2

glite-LB - Update to version 3.2.0-9.sl5

Date 07.06.2010
Priority Normal



New version of glite-LB

This is a patch fixing several bugs discovered in L&B 2.0 release:

  • L&B Proxy startup scripts have now been fixed
  • Computation of job collection status has been fixed to reach terminal state with canceled subjobs
  • L&B daemons store PIDs in files
  • Compatibility with newer IPv6-compliant L&B clients has been improved
  • Replacing client and common m4 macro files with a single file
  • The m4 macro has been fixed to accommodate for varying LIBDIR names

Patch #4018: Build problem in gridsite: missing libgridsite_globus dependency

  • A new version of gridsite-shared is needed to put back a dependency on libgridsite_globus that was present in the previous version and forgotten in the last certified version. There are no code changes, it's a packaging issue.
This update fixes various bugs. For the full list of bugs, please see list below.

Fixed bugs

Number Description
 #37081 LB client connection pool locking bugs
 #4018 Build problem in gridsite: missing libgridsite_globus dependency
 #52451 glite-lb-logd, glite-lb-interlogd, and glite-lb-notif-interlogd shoud store pid in a file
 #54807 Incomplete jobs not purged from DB
 #58982 broken build of LB C++ API
 #64072 collection node parent remaining in waiting status
 #64964 LB daemons restart partially fails
 #65778 LB server startup script in patch 3795 (LB 2.0) does not support proxy mode
 #67357 No RPM provides glite_lb.m4 in glite 3.2

Updated rpms

Name Version Full RPM name Description
bdii 5.0.8-1 bdii-5.0.8-1.noarch.rpm bdii
fetch-crl 2.7.0-2 fetch-crl-2.7.0-2.noarch.rpm Tool for periodic retrieval of Certificate Revocation Lists
glite-info-provider-release 1.0.1-1 glite-info-provider-release-1.0.1-1.noarch.rpm glite-info-provider-release
glite-info-provider-service 1.3.1-0 glite-info-provider-service-1.3.1-0.noarch.rpm glite-info-provider-service
glite-LB 3.2.0-9.sl5 glite-LB-3.2.0-9.sl5.x86_64.rpm LB metapackage
glite-lb-client 4.0.7-1.sl5 glite-lb-client-4.0.7-1.sl5.x86_64.rpm
glite-lb-common 7.0.6-1.sl5 glite-lb-common-7.0.6-1.sl5.x86_64.rpm
glite-lb-doc 1.0.4-1.sl5 glite-lb-doc-1.0.4-1.sl5.x86_64.rpm
glite-lb-logger 2.0.8-1.sl5 glite-lb-logger-2.0.8-1.sl5.x86_64.rpm
glite-lb-server 2.0.9-1.sl5 glite-lb-server-2.0.9-1.sl5.x86_64.rpm
glite-lb-ws-test 1.0.2-1.sl5 glite-lb-ws-test-1.0.2-1.sl5.x86_64.rpm
glite-security-lcas 1.3.11-3.1.sl5 glite-security-lcas-1.3.11-3.1.sl5.x86_64.rpm v. 1.3.11-3.1
glite-security-voms-api-cpp 1.9.17-1.sl5 glite-security-voms-api-cpp-1.9.17-1.sl5.x86_64.rpm v. GL32
glite-version 3.2.2-1 glite-version-3.2.2-1.noarch.rpm Shows version information for the installed gLite node types
glite-yaim-core 4.0.12-1 glite-yaim-core-4.0.12-1.noarch.rpm YAIM core package
gridsite-shared gridsite-shared- GridSite shared library and core documentation

The RPMs can be updated using yum via

Service reconfiguration after update

Not needed.

Service restart after update

Service must be restarted.

How to apply the fix

  1. Update the RPMs (see above)
  2. Update configuration (see above)
  3. Restart the service if necessary (see above)