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gLite 3.2

gLite SCAS


The Site Central Authorization Service (SCAS) will make authorization and mapping decision centrally. It uses HTTPS authentication to authenticate a client (as regular user or pilot job user) and present user credentials. The return message will contain a deny of permit decision, and when permitted Unix UID, primary GID and secondary GIDs will be returned. The primary client tool is gLExec, but the client is actually an LCMAPS plugin, so other tools like all the pre-WS GT4 gatekeepers, gridftpd and gsi-opensshd tools can also utilize this client server interaction.

For further details on SCAS, please check the SCAS wiki.

For specific instructions on YAIM configuration:
Known Issues
Please pay attention to the known issues.

Supported platform
The gLite 3.2 software stack is supported on Scientific Linux 5 (SL5).

The gLite SCAS is available in RPM format. The recommended installation is via the gLite YUM repository. You can find the installation instructions here.

RPM Installation via YUM
The yum-module name is glite-SCAS.

More information about the YUM installation can be found here.

Installation via individual RPMs
For the list of RPMs needed to install the SCAS Node, please see individual version below.

Released Versions

Version Date Priority Update details List of RPMs
3.2.2-0 08.02.2010 Normal Details RPM list
3.2.1-0 07.01.2010 Normal Details RPM list