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gLite 3.2

glite-SE_dpm_mysql V. 3.2.1-0

RPM list in .txt format

Packages provided by gLite repository
Name Version Architecture Description
CGSI_gSOAP_2.7 1.3.3-1.sl5 x86_64 GSI plugin for gSOAP
CGSI_gSOAP_2.7-voms 1.3.3-1.sl5 x86_64 GSI plugin for gSOAP -- VOMSified libraries
DPM-DSI 1.7.1-2sec.sl5 x86_64 DPM-DSI for the Globus GridFTP2 server
DPM-client 1.7.2-5sec.sl5 x86_64 APIs and CLIs for the DPM/DPNS
DPM-copy-server-mysql 1.7.2-5sec.sl5 x86_64 DPM COPY MySQL Server
DPM-httpd 1.2.1-2sec.slc4 noarch DPM Apache httpd service
DPM-httpd-cgi 1.3.1-2sec.sl5 x86_64 DPM Apache httpd CGI
DPM-httpd-client 1.2.1-2sec.slc4 noarch DPM Apache httpd client
DPM-interfaces 1.7.2-5sec.sl5 x86_64 Disk Pool Manager Interfaces
DPM-interfaces2 1.7.2-5sec.sl5 x86_64 Disk Pool Manager Interfaces
DPM-name-server-mysql 1.7.2-5sec.sl5 x86_64 DPNS MySQL Server
DPM-rfio-server 1.7.2-5sec.sl5 x86_64 DPM RFIO server
DPM-server-mysql 1.7.2-5sec.sl5 x86_64 DPM MySQL Server
DPM-srm-server-mysql 1.7.2-5sec.sl5 x86_64 SRM MySQL Servers
DPM-xrootd 2.0.3-1sec.sl5 x86_64 DPM-xrootd interface
bdii 5.0.0-22 noarch bdii
edg-mkgridmap 3.0.0-1 noarch A tool to build the grid-mapfile
fetch-crl 2.7.0-2 noarch Tool for periodic retrieval of Certificate Revocation Lists fetch-crl
glite-SE_dpm_mysql 3.2.1-0 x86_64 gLite metapackage (glite-SE_dpm_mysql)
glite-info-generic 2.0.2-3 noarch glite-info-generic
glite-info-provider-release 1.0.0-5 noarch glite-info-provider-release
glite-info-provider-service 1.1.5-0 noarch glite-info-provider-service
glite-info-templates 1.0.0-8 noarch glite-info-templates
glite-security-voms-api 1.8.12-1.sl5 x86_64 v.
glite-security-voms-api-cpp 1.8.12-1.sl5 x86_64 v.
glite-version 3.2.0-0.sl5 x86_64 glite-version
glite-yaim-core 4.0.8-7 noarch YAIM core package
glite-yaim-dpm 4.0.6-1 noarch The glite-yaim-dpm module configures DPM Storage Elements for mysql.
glue-schema 1.3.0-5 noarch glue-schema
gpt 3.2autotools2004_NMI_9.0_x86_64_rhap_5-1 x86_64 The Grid Packaging Toolkit (GPT) gpt
gridsite-apache 1.5.10-1.sl5 x86_64 gridsite-apache_R_1_5_10_1
gridsite-shared 1.5.10-1.sl5 x86_64 gridsite-shared_R_1_5_10_1
gridview-wsclient-common 1.1.1-1 noarch Gridview Common Web Service Client is Library for Gridview Web Service Publisher for various log Files
gridview-wsclient-gridftp 1.1.0-2 noarch Gridview Gridftp Web Service Client is Publisher of gridftp logs to Gridview Web Service Archiver.
lcg-dm-common 1.7.2-5sec.sl5 x86_64 LCG Data Management common libraries and man pages.
lcg-expiregridmapdir 2.0.0-1 noarch lcg-expiregridmapdir
lcg-service-proxy 1.0.3-2 noarch LCG Service Proxy
mod_dpmput 1.2.1-1sec.sl5 x86_64 DPM Apache httpd plugin
mod_keyauth 1.2.1-1sec.sl5 x86_64 DPM Apache httpd plugin for token based authorization.
mysql-server 5.0.45-7.el5 x86_64 The MySQL server and related files.
vdt_globus_data_server VDT1.10.1x86_64_rhap_5-3 x86_64 Virtual Data Toolkit
vdt_globus_essentials VDT1.10.1x86_64_rhap_5-3 x86_64 Virtual Data Toolkit
Packages provided by DAG repository
Name Version Architecture
perl-Authen-SASL 2.12-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2 2.020-1.el5.rf x86_64
perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib 2.020-1.el5.rf x86_64
perl-Convert-ASN1 0.22-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-Crypt-SSLeay 0.57-1.el5.rf x86_64
perl-DBD-mysql 4.012-1.el5.rf x86_64
perl-DBI 1.609-1.el5.rf x86_64
perl-Date-Manip 5.54-2.el5.rf noarch
perl-Digest-SHA1 2.12-1.el5.rf x86_64
perl-Email-Date-Format 1.002-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-GSSAPI 0.26-1.el5.rf x86_64
perl-HTML-Parser 3.61-1.el5.rf x86_64
perl-HTML-Tagset 3.20-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-IO-Compress 2.020-2.el5.rf noarch
perl-IO-Socket-SSL 1.26-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-MIME-Lite 3.024-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-MailTools 2.04-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-Net-Daemon 0.43-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-Net-Jabber 2.0-1.2.el5.rf noarch
perl-Net-SSLeay 1.35-1.el5.rf x86_64
perl-Net-XMPP 1.02-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-PlRPC 0.2020-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-SOAP-Lite 0.710.08-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-TermReadKey 2.30-3.el5.rf x86_64
perl-XML-DOM 1.44-2.el5.rf noarch
perl-XML-NamespaceSupport 1.10-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-XML-Parser 2.36-1.el5.rf x86_64
perl-XML-RegExp 0.03-1.2.el5.rf noarch
perl-XML-SAX 0.96-1.el5.rf noarch
perl-XML-Stream 1.22-1.2.el5.rf noarch
perl-version 0.76-1.el5.rf x86_64