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gLite 3.2

gLite User Interface known issues

Compatibility Mode


This version of the UI is targeted to setup x86_64 machines in "compatibility" mode, i.e. both 32bit and 64bit libraries are provided. The YAIM tool configures the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable accordingly.

In order to get both 32bit and 64bit libraries, both versions of certain rpms must be installed. On a x86_64 machine yum usually installs the 64bit rpm over the 32bit rpm but for certain rpms this seems not to be the case (for yet unknown reasons). It has been observed that certain binaries in /opt/lcg/bin may be 32bit on the x86_64 Worker Node. However, this should not be a problem as 32bit binaries can be executed on a x86_64 machine.

dCache client doesn't work in SL5

Tracked via Bug 54065


There is a bug in the dCache client in SL5 that prevents it from working properly.

Known workaround

There are two possible workarounds:
1. Use lcg_util as data management client instead.
2. Install Java with "yum install java".

lcg-ManageVOTags is not installed in the SL5 UI

Tracked via Bug 53516


Due to bug #48604, the lcg-ManageVOTags package is not yet part of the SL5 UI.

Known workaround

lcg-tags can be used in the meantime.

lcg_util 1.7.2 -t option segmentation fault

Tracked via Bug 50265


With lcg_util 1.7.2 (Update 45) the option "-t" was deprecated. Trying to use the option should result in a warning, however in some cases a segmentation fault can happen.

job submission problem with WMS

Tracked via Bug 48598


job submission fails when first WMS tried is draining.

LFC perl API run time error

Tracked via Bug 26535


Runtime error with LFC Perl API. Workaround is setenv MALLOC_CHECK_ 0.

uberftp problem

Tracked via Bug 51180


uberftp file:/etc/group gsi not working on SL5.

glite-wms-job-output works but reports failure

Tracked via Bug 50289


The command glite-wms-job-output is retrieving the output correctly, but is reporting a failure.

Known workaround

--debug option supresses the error.


Tracked via Bug 42592


Using rfio on the UI fails.

Known woraround

Set the environment variable RFIO_PORT=5001.

YAIM known issues

For an up to date documentation on configuration known issues, please check also:
  • YAIM known issues page for the yaim clients, which is the module that configures the UI.

UI tarball known issues

If you are installing the User Interface via a tarball, check also:

gLite wide known issues

Please also check the gLite general known issues page.