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gLite 3.2

gLite VOMS server (Oracle backend) known issues

gridsite bug prevents SHA1 VOMS credentials to work in WMS

Tracked via Bug 72185


The gLite 3.2 VOMS server signs proxies with the more secure SHA1 algorithm, while the GridSite library used by various gLite services still hardcodes MD5 and therefore will reject such proxies. This affects the WMS in particular. We advise not to deploy the gLite 3.2 VOMS server until updates have become available for the affected services and this issue has been updated accordingly.

Problem with "--newformat" configuration option

Tracked via Bug 53314


WMProxy authentication on the gLite WMS currently fails for VOMS credentials generated by a VOMS server that has been configured to issue "--newformat" credentials. The "--newformat" option therefore should not be used before a fix for this bug has been released and sites have had time to upgrade their WMS instances.

gLite wide known issues

Please also check the gLite wide known issues.