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gLite 3.2

glite-WN - Update to version 3.2.6-0

Date 08.02.2010
Priority Normal


glite-ARGUS, glite-BDII, glite-CREAM, glite-LFC_mysql, glite-LFC_oracle, glite-MPI_utils, glite-SCAS, glite-SE_dpm_disk, glite-SE_dpm_mysql, glite-TORQUE_client, glite-TORQUE_server, glite-TORQUE_utils, glite-UI, glite-VOBOX, glite-WN

New release of yaim core

New release of yaim core containing a set of bug fixes and new features:

  • New SAGA adapters. There's a new function called config_glite_saga that configures the SAGA gLite adapters.
  • grid environment cleaning mechanism to be able to install different WN tarball versions in the same machine.
  • Variables that were wrongly implemented in previous yaim releases are now fixed: CONFIG_GRIDMAPDIR and USER_HOME_PREFIX.
  • YAIM doesn't fail when gLite version package is not installed. This is useful for non gLite software using YAIM.
  • siteinfo packaging is now fixed (-p option).

New release of glite-version and glue-schema

The new glite-SE_dpm_disk metapackage introduces a new version of:

  • glite-version: new version of glite-version introducing a set of new options to print information about the versions of the installed gLite nodetypes, their architecture and their update number. It still prints information about the gLite release (i.e. 3.2.0).
  • glue-schema: minor update to change GLUE2PolicyUserDomainForeignKey from being mandatory to optional.

These two packages are also part of other services which are also updated to the new versions with this update,as it can be seen in the service detail pages.

glite-WN, glite-UI, glite-VOBOX

New lcg-infosites version

The new patch is solving the bug 37572. it allows therefore the query to multiple BDIIs

DCAP clients

We have now repackaged the dcap clients.

Major changes include:


  • Clear description of number of streams option in conjunction with server_mode option add consistency when passing passive/active server_mode flag to srmcp.
  • Better format "srmcp -help" output
  • Fixed bug in srm-get-permissions
  • Support ':' as globus port range separator
  • Need java >= 1.5
  • Removes the WARNING messages

New version of DPM client and LFC clients

The new glite-SE_dpm_disk and glite-LFC_oracle metapackages introduce a new version of DPM client and LFC client respectively.


glite-swat (Site Wide Area Testing) is a replacement for grid-cm (Grid Configuration Monitoring).

Please check

Couple of RPMs for client are merged and directory names are changed to reflect the name change.

This update include new test for glexec and a bugfix of grid_voname test for VOs that have dots or dashes in their name.

This update fixes various bugs. For the full list of bugs, please see list below.

Fixed bugs

Number Description
 #53462 [ yaim-core ] GROUPS_CONF/group.d mechanism seem to fail in config_sw_dir
 #53745 [ yaim-core ] yaim fails if glite-version is not installed
 #53864 [ yaim-core ] Add SAGA & gLite adapters

Updated rpms

Name Version Full RPM name Description
dcache-srmclient 1.9.5-3 dcache-srmclient-1.9.5-3.noarch.rpm dCache Client
dcache-srmclient-deps-sl5 0.0.1-0 dcache-srmclient-deps-sl5-0.0.1-0.noarch.rpm dcache-srmclient-deps-sl5
dcap 1.9.3-6 dcap-1.9.3-6.x86_64.rpm dCache Client
DPM-client 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 DPM-client-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.i386.rpm APIs and CLIs for the DPM/DPNS
DPM-client 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 DPM-client-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.x86_64.rpm APIs and CLIs for the DPM/DPNS
DPM-interfaces 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 DPM-interfaces-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.i386.rpm Disk Pool Manager Interfaces
DPM-interfaces 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 DPM-interfaces-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.x86_64.rpm Disk Pool Manager Interfaces
DPM-interfaces2 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 DPM-interfaces2-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.i386.rpm Disk Pool Manager Interfaces
DPM-interfaces2 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 DPM-interfaces2-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.x86_64.rpm Disk Pool Manager Interfaces
glite-security-voms-api 1.8.12-1.sl5 glite-security-voms-api-1.8.12-1.sl5.i386.rpm v.
glite-swat-client 0.1.4-1 glite-swat-client-0.1.4-1.noarch.rpm gLite SWAT - gLite SAM Wide Area Testing
glite-swat-client-pubkey 0.1.4-1 glite-swat-client-pubkey-0.1.4-1.noarch.rpm gLite SWAT Worker Node Client Public Key
glite-swat-client-tests 0.1.4-1 glite-swat-client-tests-0.1.4-1.noarch.rpm gLite SWAT Worker Node Client Tests
glite-swat-common 0.1.4-1 glite-swat-common-0.1.4-1.noarch.rpm Common code used on both client and server of gLite SWAT
glite-WN-version 3.2.6-0 glite-WN-version-3.2.6-0.x86_64.rpm Version tag/marker for glite-WN
glite-yaim-core 4.0.11-2 glite-yaim-core-4.0.11-2.noarch.rpm YAIM core package
lcg-dm-common 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 lcg-dm-common-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.i386.rpm LCG Data Management common libraries and man pages.
lcg-dm-common 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 lcg-dm-common-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.x86_64.rpm LCG Data Management common libraries and man pages.
lcg-infosites 2.6.2-1.sl5 lcg-infosites-2.6.2-1.sl5.x86_64.rpm lcg-infosites
LFC-client 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 LFC-client-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.i386.rpm Client side libraries for the LFC
LFC-client 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 LFC-client-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.x86_64.rpm Client side libraries for the LFC
LFC-interfaces 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 LFC-interfaces-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.i386.rpm LCG File Catalog Interfaces
LFC-interfaces 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 LFC-interfaces-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.x86_64.rpm LCG File Catalog Interfaces
LFC-interfaces2 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 LFC-interfaces2-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.i386.rpm LCG File Catalog Interfaces
LFC-interfaces2 1.7.3-1sec.sl5 LFC-interfaces2-1.7.3-1sec.sl5.x86_64.rpm LCG File Catalog Interfaces
libdcap 1.9.3-6 libdcap-1.9.3-6.i386.rpm dCache Client libraries
libdcap 1.9.3-6 libdcap-1.9.3-6.x86_64.rpm dCache Client libraries
libdcap-devel 1.9.3-3 libdcap-devel-1.9.3-3.i386.rpm dCache Client Headers
libdcap-devel 1.9.3-3 libdcap-devel-1.9.3-3.x86_64.rpm dCache Client Headers
libdcap-tunnel-gsi 1.9.3-6 libdcap-tunnel-gsi-1.9.3-6.i386.rpm dCache GSI Tunnel
libdcap-tunnel-gsi 1.9.3-6 libdcap-tunnel-gsi-1.9.3-6.x86_64.rpm dCache GSI Tunnel
libdcap-tunnel-krb 1.9.3-6 libdcap-tunnel-krb-1.9.3-6.i386.rpm dCache GSI Tunnel
libdcap-tunnel-krb 1.9.3-6 libdcap-tunnel-krb-1.9.3-6.x86_64.rpm dCache GSI Tunnel
libdcap-tunnel-telnet 1.9.3-6 libdcap-tunnel-telnet-1.9.3-6.i386.rpm dCache GSI Tunnel
libdcap-tunnel-telnet 1.9.3-6 libdcap-tunnel-telnet-1.9.3-6.x86_64.rpm dCache GSI Tunnel

The RPMs can be updated using yum via

Service reconfiguration after update

Service must be reconfigured.

Service restart after update

Service must be restarted.

How to apply the fix

  1. Update the RPMs (see above)
  2. Update configuration (see above)
  3. Restart the service if necessary (see above)