The gLite distribution was an integrated set of components designed to enable resource sharing. In other words, this was middleware for building a grid.

The gLite middleware was produced by the EGEE project and subsequently further developed by the EMI project. In addition to code developed within the project, the gLite distribution pulled together contributions from many other projects, including LCG and VDT. The distribution model was to construct different services ('node-types') from these components and then ensure easy installation and configuration on the chosen platforms (Scientific Linux versions 4 and 5, and also Debian 4 for the WNs).

In 2014 gLite/EMI middleware is still deployed on hundreds of sites of different DCIs and enables global science in a number of disciplines, notably serving the LCG project.

For gLite 3.2 and 3.1 releases check these pages.

For any other release in the EMI project, please check the EMI web page.